Visual Studio Code and ASP.NET 5

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The previous video showed Visual Studio Code with a NodeJS project. In this video we take a look at working with an ASP.NET 5 project in Visual Studio Code.

 [01:49] - Task runners (building ASP.NET 5 projects)

 [03:22] - Launching an ASP.NET application

 [05:29] - Adding a package from NuGet

 [06:34] - Adding an HTML file and using Emmet (ZenCoding)





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The Discussion

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    Estude para aprender as novas tecnologias todos os dias. Aqui é muito bom para todos os usuários que deseja estar atualizados com todas as novidades e realidades da atualidade.

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    Thank you for discussing about Emmet. It really saved me a great deal of time.

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