BigDay 2012 - IT in Transformation: BI and Productivity for Your Business Solutions

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Rafal Lukawiecki (Project Botticelli Ltd)
This keynote does overview the entire Microsoft Application Platform, focusing on its applicability towards solving the current business challenges facing IT. We talk about IT metrics' struggle for increased business relevance in the ever-changing environment of continous demand for business growth and transformation, while needing to offer day-to-day mission-critical operations and growth-oriented business solutions, such as CRM. This session closes with a summary of the upcoming challenges and opportunities brought by the evolution of BI towards self-service, the new world of employee productivity, and the ascent of Big Data analytics and its management.

Biographie: As Strategic Consultant & Director at Project Botticelli Ltd, Rafal focuses on making advanced longer-term analytics easy, insightful, and actionable, helping clients achieve better organisational performance. Passing those skills to consulting companies, development teams, investors, and management boards is very important to him.
While he specialises in business intelligence and data mining, he is also known for his long-term work in the fields of information security and cryptography, enterprise architecture, and solution delivery. Rafal is a popular speaker at major IT conferences. He has travelled to 30–40 countries each year, for more than fourteen years, even sharing keynote platforms with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.
A natural educator, his ability to explain complex concepts in simplest terms, and his uniquely energetic speaking style should keep you engaged no matter how deep the subject might be. Rafal was born in Poland. He left it in 1990 to study computing in United Kingdom, where he earned BEng in Computing Science, fol¬lowed by MSc in Foundations of Advanced Information Technology, at Imperial College,  University of London. His stud-ies were sponsored by Oxford Computer Group Ltd , where he later worked as a developer, trainer, and a consultant. Since 2000 he has worked for Project Botticelli Ltd. In his spare time, Rafal creates fine-art photography, which you can see on his personal web site,



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