SACVIE 2010: Behavior Driven Development: How to evolve systems that provide real business value

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Behavior Driven Development: How to evolve systems that provide real business value
Or: using a DSL to confirm expected system behavior
Speaker: Christian Hassa, Techtalk
Nowadays almost everyone follows some kind of agile software development practice with the goal to deliver true business value for the least possible efforts. However, establishing agreements on specification details is tough when you truly want to apply agile principles: tracing and validating them in each iteration throughout the product life cycle is what most teams struggle with, when it comes to reality in their projects. Another key challenge is to overcome the communication barriers and silo attitude of different project stakeholders. Classic approaches rely on stakeholder specific artifacts such as product requirements document, functional specification, architecture and design concept, test specification, etc. – which tend to be inconsistent and often even contradict with each other. Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a practice, which ties well into agile methodologies like Scrum, and helps solving these challenges: project stakeholders collaborate to evolve a domain specific, human readable language, which is used to give examples of the expected system behavior. These examples can be bound to the actual implementation, which allows automated verification. The talk gives an introduction to the concept of BDD and shows, how it can be put into reality using SpecFlow, a Cucumber compatible BDD tool for the .NET platform.





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