Xml Editor: Creating Code Snippets

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Visual Studio has lots of features that increase developer productivity; one of them is the Code Snippets. Visual Studio comes with many code snippets that you can access by right clicking and selecting Insert Snippet, or typing the snippet's name.

With this demo, we would like to show you how to author a very simple code snippet so that you could start writing your own.



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The Discussion

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    Great video! I just customized a snippet I downloaded from an online library. It inserts a ternary operator in C#. I wish I would have seen this video first!  :O
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    Great Video !

    Just a question : how did You made it ? With which software ?

    I'm interested in that, 'cause I'd like to build some video for my coleagues....



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    Screen capture by Camtasia. Video capture by a normal camcorder. Then I used a popular video editing software to sync and postprocess each part. I exported as uncompressed video, and then used Windows Media Encoder to compress. The video should be 800x600, and around 100MBs/10mins.

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    Very useful video. I think I've though about whether this was possible some time in the past, but never bothered to look it up. This will definitely come in handy. Thank you.

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