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In this screencast, we would like to show you the dynamics of a Xml file and Xml Schemas. You'll find answers to questions such as how an Xml file linked to a Xml Schema, how does the intellisense gets active, what's the schema cache, and how to access it.



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The Discussion

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    Hi ,

    I watched the Video but couldn't find the same XML Schemas tools in my VS 2005 Express.   I couldn't even find a place to open the XSL file from IDE.  Is that because my visual studio is express version?

    I'm looking for Xml schema tools but couldn't find a good one.
    Can you suggest one?


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    I have been using OxygenXML Enterprise for a while now, and it's surprisingly powerful for the cost. It's written in Java so it is very cross-platform capable, too. They offer upgrades from Dreamweaver, etc. http://www.oxygenxml.com/

    It does just about everything but generate code. If you need to generate code to process XML, Altova (http://www.altova.com/) makes some pretty powerful utilities.

    You can get a "community" edition of LiquidXML for free from http://www.liquid-technologies.com/

    Have fun!


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