Container Fundamentals | Part 2 - Images, Networking & Portability

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In this episode on the Containers Channel, we're continuing our series on Container Fundamentals.  Following on from part 1, Matt McSpirit, Technical Evangelist, and Neil Peterson, Senior Content Developer, explore images, container networking and portability in depth. Neil delivers a comprehensive end to end demo that walks you through building and deploying an app in a container on his laptop, before pushing it to the Docker Hub, and then consuming this published container into a container host in Azure - awesome stuff!

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The Discussion

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    Why do you show linux instead of 2016 tp4 examples? Still missing the point. Show us some killer features e.g. deploying an asp app with 100 nano containers in seconds or examples with devops practices like testing and staging....



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    I am struggling to configure IP addresses in my containers in Hyper-v manually. finally i saw this video and got upset.

    I agree with RS38.. why Microsoft always explain examples on third party apps instead of their OWN product may be they are not sure their product may work????.

    It would be better to demo containers using both methods DOCKER and PS

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    Here is a document on networking and Windows Containers:

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi RS38 - We're just showing some of the fundamentals of Container technology in general at this point, so regardless of Windows or Linux, the key elements we were looking to explain were around the concept of images, the networking and the portability of moving images, and less about specifics of Windows or Linux Containers. Don't worry though, early in the new year, Neil and I will be back in the studio recording more Windows-specific content to help you along the way.

    Hi Rabbanisyed - Neil has provided some networking guidance which hopefully will help with your config issue. As for explaining with 3rd party products versus our own, we'll be delivering more pure-play Microsoft examples in the new year, so stay tuned for that. At this stage, it's less about specific apps, and more about general usage of container technology, which, in the Linux world, is more mature and can be used to demonstrate some of the fundamentals (and advanced capabilities) more so than Windows containers can be, seeing as we are still in early preview stages.  Feedback duly noted though.


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