Container Fundamentals | Part 3 - Shared Folders

Play Container Fundamentals | Part 3 - Shared Folders

The Discussion

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    1. What was used for HTTP load balancing

    2. How do you make shared folder part of ContainerImage to avoid remapping it each time new Container is created?

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    My apps are on my local machine. I edit the .rdp file to allow sharing of files from my c:. I remote into windows server 2016 TP4 which is hosted in AZURE. I expect to be able to open a file explorer but powershell does not recognize 'explorer .' as a command =[ how do I get my app from my local machine inside of the windows server 2016 that is hosted in azure. all i want to do is get my api into a microsoft/node container image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help. X[

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    Can we please get source code / blog of examples used.  The examples in this series is very practical to prove a point and also very simple. 

    But I don't know how the load balancer was created , how the app was setup etc.... it would be grate to have a way to replicate the demos shown hear.

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    When I run the command in the powershell I get:
    The term 'Add-ContainerSharedFolder' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet

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