Containers 101 with Microsoft and Docker

Play Containers 101 with Microsoft and Docker

The Discussion

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    Lovely discussion. Would love to see some real world app architecture diagram and demos.

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    Just one question. wtf is technical evangelist? Do these people describe themselves as a technology fanatics like there real evangelist do?

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    That was very confusing talk. Mostly because I have that feeling they were not prepared for this conversation. From the other side it was very chaotic and my impression is that Chad and Taylor were waiting for each other to start talk. Presented definitions were not clear and very complex to say and even more complex to understand. I made a few drawing, but also it won't help me to follow the talk.

    For future talk(s) please make sure that you are aware about what you want to present and describe.

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    Instead of simply talking, why not do a demo so we can better understand what they are talking about?

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