100 Million+ Have New Hotmail Now

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If you’re a Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed more than a few tweets about the new Hotmail, and they range from “New Hotmail is awesome!” to the every-typical “change=bad” sentiment, which seems to occur whenever a service (and especially Facebook, in recent years) gets a makeover.

But new Hotmail isn’t bad at all, at least according to most technology bloggers. For example,

LifeHacker said:

This may come as a surprise, but the new Microsoft Hotmail is actually pretty good…The new Hotmail focuses heavily on reducing your cluttered inbox and keeping your email organized. New one-click filters let you focus on senders in your Contact List, social updates (via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and more. You'll also find Quick Views useful when looking for certain types of emails, such as those that contain photos or documents or even shipping updates.

ArsTechnica said the new Hotmail offers less clutter, more efficiency:

The new Hotmail will also allow a monstrous 10GB of attachments per e-mail. E-mails of up to 200 attachments of 50MB each will also be possible. Fortunately, the entire 10GB will not be sent as an e-mail. Instead, the attachments will be uploaded to SkyDrive, and the e-mail itself will only contain links….Building an image gallery on SkyDrive and then distributing links to that is a neat solution to the problem. It makes the e-mails themselves small and manageable, without requiring anyone to adopt a new workflow; it will still look and work as if they were regular attachments.

Mashable noted the list of upgrades was “impressive:”

Microsoft has announced a huge slew of upgrades to Hotmail to make it more competitive with Gmail, and we have to admit the list is impressive. With 343 million users, Hotmail is still the top e-mail service provider. Gmail is much smaller, with approximately 150 million users as of September 2009…Hotmail will most likely be a worthy competitor after the new version is launched this summer.

TechCrunch said the new Hotmail was “sleeker and faster with some powerful weapons against inbox overload:”

It’s fast, slick, and comes with a set of new features for managing large amounts of email that make it a much better rival to Gmail.

Now the question is, do you have the new Hotmail yet? The Hotmail team says it’s been rolled out to over 100 million users so far and over the next week, everyone else will get the upgrade. What do you think about the new service?

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