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In December, we told you about 360Desktop, a new software application for Windows that lets you see your desktop in a 360 degree format. As you open programs and windows, you can spin to a virtual “other side” of your desktop to have more space. Although we were excited for the program back then, the software was not yet available for download. But just recently, 360Desktop introduced their first public beta. The app can now be downloaded from the 360Desktop homepage.

In addition to being able to spin your Windows Desktop around, you can also easily make desktop widgets from various parts of the web. You can clip anything – RSS feeds, games, videos, parts of web pages, or whatever else you want and then make them a part of your desktop. You can even clip anything that features an embed code - like a blog widget or online video and turn these into widgets as well, just by copying and pasting the embed code into the “Add Widget” box. The end result is nearly unlimited desktop space featuring your favorite content from the web.

At the moment, the program only features two 360 wallpapers, and I didn’t particularly care for either of them. However, the next release of the software will allow you to create your own canvases and share them with others. These canvases will also allow you the ability to mashup multimedia content and integrate it right into the photo background. A 64-bit version will be available soon, too.

You can download 360Desktop for free from here: 360Desktop.com.

The Discussion

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    Scott Kindorf

    I've been using 360Desktop ever since the July 4th 2008 Beta, and I'm loving it! The ability to place "webclips" or gadgets/widgets from other content sources really extends the functionality of 360Desktop. I can seamlessly "roll" from one open document to another with very little effort.

    --Scott Kindorf

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    Looks interesting unfortunately the install failed for me on Vista with no information provided for the error. There website had a most unhelpful post on how to find a log file (which exists for me, but is completely empty) and to send it to them. Looks like you need to register with them to send the log file in; so I'm skipping on this one. I'll let them get their stuff together some and may give it a try in the future if I haven't forgotten about it by then.

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    Thanks for trying out 360desktop - it has been a massive job, for a (small) very dedicated team and your feedback  (positive, negative, likes, dislikes) is very much sought and appreciated.  For everyone hanging out for more content, the authoring/gallery/widget sharing platform are currently in private beta and are due for public release before the end of the month.  

    thanks again - Evan Jones , CEO 360desktop 

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    That's too bad...I have it running on Vista with no issues. Maybe trying installing as admin?

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