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    Scott Kindorf

    I've been using 360Desktop ever since the July 4th 2008 Beta, and I'm loving it! The ability to place "webclips" or gadgets/widgets from other content sources really extends the functionality of 360Desktop. I can seamlessly "roll" from one open document to another with very little effort.

    --Scott Kindorf

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    Looks interesting unfortunately the install failed for me on Vista with no information provided for the error. There website had a most unhelpful post on how to find a log file (which exists for me, but is completely empty) and to send it to them. Looks like you need to register with them to send the log file in; so I'm skipping on this one. I'll let them get their stuff together some and may give it a try in the future if I haven't forgotten about it by then.

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    Thanks for trying out 360desktop - it has been a massive job, for a (small) very dedicated team and your feedback  (positive, negative, likes, dislikes) is very much sought and appreciated.  For everyone hanging out for more content, the authoring/gallery/widget sharing platform are currently in private beta and are due for public release before the end of the month.  

    thanks again - Evan Jones , CEO 360desktop 

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    That's too bad...I have it running on Vista with no issues. Maybe trying installing as admin?

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