A Flash Drive that Backs Itself Up

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The 4 GB SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus USB flash drive is a new breed of flash drive. Instead of being a potential security risk, you can safely store your sensitive, important data on the drive without fear of losing it or deleting the files. The device is protected with password protection and hardware AES encryption, so you only you can access the files. When the Cruzer is plugged into an internet-connected machine, the drive will automatically back itself up online using 256-bit SSL encryption. If you accidentally delete files off of the drive, they can be easily restored from the online backup. Additionally, the files can be accessed via the website even when you don't have have the drive with you. The rugged, crush resistant case offers a layer of physical protection to the USB drive as well. An optional Lost-and-Found service can be utilized if you choose to pay the added expense for a BoomerangIt subscription. The drive comes with 6 months of the online backup service for free, after which you must pay the $30 annual fee to continue using it. For all this, the Cruzer's price of only $60 seems pretty reasonable for the security and peace of mind that it offers. (Via Webware)

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