A Keyboard Designed Just for Windows 7

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The brand-new Wireless Comfort 5000 keyboard is a perfect complement to a Windows 7 desktop PC as it includes a number of features designed specifically for the new OS. Where some keyboards feature “favorites” buttons that launch programs like email or your web browser upon pressing, the Wireless Comfort keyboard has something called “Taskbar Favorites” instead. As you may imagine, these buttons are mapped to the icons pinned to your Windows 7 Taskbar, one of the most beloved features of the new OS which functions as an application launcher for your most frequently used programs. What’s even cooler about the "Taskbar Favorites" buttons on the keyboard is that when you re-arrange the programs on your taskbar, the buttons will automatically update to reference their new location.

Another button on the keyboard actives the “Windows Flip” feature in Windows 7. When you press this button, thumbnail previews of all your open applications display so you can quickly select the program you need.

Both the keyboard and the accompanying mouse are supported by Windows 7’s “Device Stage” – a new feature that provides easy access to product information, settings, and more.

The new keyboard and mouse combo will be made available later this month on https://www.microsoft.com/hardware. It’s currently available for presale on Amazon.

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