A Multitouch Pad for Windows

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I got a hot Twitter tip about this new product, which appears to be a multi-touch pad that connects to a Windows PC. Along with two buttons which I’m assuming work like standard mouse buttons, there’s a flat surface (77.2 mm x 45 mm) like a mouse touchpad where it seems you can use finger gestures to control what’s on your screen. On the site, there are drawings of the different gestures supported including the two-finger pinch gesture, a two-finger scroll (vertically and horizontally), a three-finger gesture that apparently lets you go from the previous page to the next one, and more. The device connects via USB and works with XP and Vista. (I wonder if Windows 7 will work, too?) You can check it out here.

The Discussion

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    There are some gestures could benefit from a device like this on a budget non-touchscreen PC.  I will wait till these devices are confirmed to work with Windows 7's Touch APIs and see some reviews.

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