A New Skin for Windows Mobile?

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The Mobi-gas-mic blog recently pointed us to a project underway to develop a new skin for Windows Mobile phones called “Glazed Vista.” The developer has posted some screenshots of what appears to be a very slick (and shiny) new look and feel for Windows Mobile and PocketPC devices. In fact, by the look of the phone on the right in this screenshot, the interface looks more like a Vista/Windows 7 computer than it does a mobile phone. And the phone in the middle is showing a homescreen with what appear to be very sidebar-esque gadgets like battery strength, signal, weather, etc.

Of course, all we have here are screenshots and a note that says the work is “in development” so who knows where it falls between vapor and solid. However, I’m bookmarking the page for future reference because that is one nice-looking skin!

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