A Second Bing Maps Wordpress Plugin

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Although Chris Pendleton previously reported on a Bing Maps plugin for WordPress back in July, Johannes Kebeck of the Bing team recently came across an alternative: the Silverlight Bing Maps plugin. Developed by Regart.net, this plugin lets you install an interactive maps on your WordPress site while allowing customizations like width, height, display mode, zoom level, menu display, language, and many others.

For example, a tag using several of the options would look like this:

[sl-bingmaps background="transparent" width="100%" height="300" NavigationVisibility="1" CopyrightVisibility="1" LogoVisibility="1" ScaleVisibility="1" ZoomLevel="5" Mode="Aerial" StartLocation="48.8756271_2.3493838" Pushpin="48.8756271_2.3493838" Culture="fr_FR"]


[sl-bingmaps background="transparent" width="100%" height="400" NavigationVisibility="1" CopyrightVisibility="1" LogoVisibility="1" ScaleVisibility="1" ZoomLevel="17" Mode="Aerial" StartLocation="51.50809105417733_-0.07589511573314667" Culture="en-GB"]</p>

In order to use this plugin, you’ll need to first create a Bing Maps Key here. For further instructions, check out Kebeck’s post.

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