A Windows 7 Taskbar for XP

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By now, you’ve surely seen the new Windows 7 taskbar which is one of the biggest UI changes in the upcoming OS. If you want to get a taste of that experience on your XP machine, you can check out Iconizer, a third party application that revamps the taskbar on XP PCs. The app changes the way the programs are displayed in the Windows taskbar from their default view of a minimized window to a view where only their icons are displayed.

Aesthetically, the effect is similar to Windows 7, although these icons are much smaller. Also, the app doesn’t offer the same kind of functionality as Windows 7 does like Aero Peek or jump lists. Still, it’s a nice way to keep a more cleaned up taskbar in XP while enjoying a bit of what Windows 7 will offer in the future. (via gHacks)

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