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At CES, I was fortunate enough to get one of the first looks at AMD’s new Fusion Media Explorer, a freeware tool which has undergone many revisions over the past year, now transformed into a stunning media-rich application just for AMD PCs. Designed to highlight the power of AMD’s platform – that is, both CPU and GPU combined - Fusion Media Explorer integrates music, photos, video, web, TV, and other web services into one glossy and beautiful software program. Although the version of Fusion Media Explorer demonstrated at CES 2009 was still alpha software, it’s easy to see the potential of this program – especially considering all the new high-end, touchscreen Windows 7 PCs being introduced this year.

Navigating through the media on your PC or web using Media Explorer is easy to do, but it’s the graphics that make the experience so notable. Using a flowing, ribbon-like display, media glides by smoothly across the screen. For videos, each thumbnail shows the video playing  - no static thumbnail images here! Of course, the power of this software means that it runs best on high-end PCs, although AMD claims that the program will automatically adjust itself appropriately to run on any PC that contains an AMD CPU.

As you switch between watching video or surfing the web or whatever it is that you’re doing, other content can continue to run in the program’s sidebar for a true dashboard-like experience. (I already envisioned having Twitter open on the side while I watched videos in the main window.)

The software also has an extendible architecture which they've demonstrated through additional integrations with LogMeIn and Orb, but really any program could be incorporated within this program.

With the recent craze surrounding netbooks, this AMD program demonstrates why great PCs don’t have to be for gaming only. Unfortunately, the software isn’t available for download yet, but stayed tuned for news from AMD – it’s sure to make a splash when it is. If you want to be among the first to know, sign up at for more information.

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