ASUS Disk Unlocker Brings Support for Large Capacity Hard Drives to Older PCs

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Some of the larger hard drive manufacturers have recently introduced 2.5TB and now even 3TB hard drives into the marketplace, which is great news for those of us who need as much storage as possible.

Unfortunately, support for these high capacity drives isn’t universal, and some PCs are unable to natively support drives greater than 2.2TB. (Check this handy table over at the Western Digital website for more on this).

You can be sure, however, that wherever technology faces a barrier, you’ll usually find a bunch of engineers trying to figure out a solution, and news reaches us this week of a new utility from ASUS which cracks the problem for a wide range of their motherboards supporting Intel, AMD and NVIDIA Chipsets.

ASUS Disk Unlocker is a free utility offering the first ever software solution to the 2.2TB hard drive barrier. With a couple of clicks, the application allows access to the previously unavailable full capacity of the drive, configuring the space above the 2.2TB limit as a Virtual Drive. Best of all, the application supports 32 and 64-bit flavours Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Unfortunately, at this point, the application only works with ASUS motherboards, but fingers crossed we’ll see the hard drive capacity barrier resolved on more PCs in the future.




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