Accessing SkyDrive From Windows Live Messenger

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In previous versions of Messenger, you may remember a feature called Sharing Folders which let you share files, including photos and videos, with any of your Messenger contacts. Of course, as you may have expected, most people used Sharing Folders to share files during a conversation. That worked well if both parties happened to be online at the same time, but if one was offline, there wasn’t an easy way to send them the files you wanted to share. That’s why, in the new version of Windows Live Messenger, there are now two ways to share files.

If you’re having a conversation with someone, you can go to the Files menu and choose “Send a file or photo.” However, if you would rather make file available online for them to download from SkyDrive (and perhaps make it available to several others at the same time too, even if they are not online), you can go to Files –> Publish Files online from your conversation window.


If you choose that option, you’ll be taken to your SkyDrive on Windows Live where you can upload your file(s) and choose the people you are sharing the files with.

Even if you’re not in a conversation, you can quickly access your SkyDrive from Windows Live Messenger from the “Actions” menu. Just click “View your online files” to be directed to your SkyDrive homepage.

Using SkyDrive with Live Messenger is a great way to share both individual files, photos, or entire photo galleries with your friends and family when you’re chatting online. You can even share files publicly with your whole Windows Live network or the world by sharing them on SkyDrive and choosing those options from the drop-down box. Your shared files will then get posted to everyone’s What’s New feed. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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