Acer Joins the Windows 7 Tablet Party (in 2011)

The Discussion

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    The LG should not be on the market, with its poor performance it's only going to damange Microsoft name in Korea, not good when the iPad is becoming such a great gadget and MS has not been able to answer with a good table, I can not understand you guys knew it was coming ans just sat around, sad very sad...Hoping this Acer can make a good name for Windows 7 wanna be tablets.

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    wow new pc+tablet form factors: compare acer courier with dell duo

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    Great looking Windows device.  The Android based units offer 10 point multitouch, hdmi, I imagine those specs will definitely be part of the Windows sku as well.  And with AMD processor its probably a sure bet this will come with a DirectX 10+ graphics.  Then again, in 2011, with Intel Oaktrail etc, it doesn't make sense to buy anything without DirectX 10.  Especially if you want to take advantage of IE9's hardware acceleration.  The big unknown, price. 

    Microsoft better be prepared to compete on finger friendlyness and low cost apps or those Android/Chrome models might grab 20% of consumer market in its first year. And I'm not entirely sure those folks who go the other way will bother buying a Windows PC in addition.  2011 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for Microsoft.  I'm looking forward to what they have announce at CES.

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    Does anyone know what the model/model number is? I want to get one (mostly for drawing actually, as I'm hopeless with a graphics tablet and too poor for a Cintiq) but I can't find anything out about what model it is.

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