Add Channel Logos to Media Center

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When you’re browsing through the TV guide in Windows Media Center, have you ever thought it would be nice to see the logos for the television channels in addition to their name? Well, there’s an add-in application that can do this. The program called My Channel Logos comes bundled with a number of TV channel logos and provides a simple application that lets you assign them to any channel in your TV listing.

In order for this program to work, your Windows 7 Media Center (yes, it’s Windows 7 only), will have to already be set up with the TV tuner configured. If that’s the case, you can then just download and install the software from the website here. If you have any trouble, check out this support thread for help.

The end result is a TV guide that more closely resembles the one you see on your cable company’s DVR. Best of all, the software is free.

(via Hacking Windows 7 Media Center)

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