Adjusting UAC in Windows 7

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If you’re running the beta version of Windows 7, one of big improvements you’ll notice over Vista is the change in the behavior of UAC or “User Account Control.” This feature, meant to provide additional security, was sometimes seen as an annoyance despite the safety measures it provided. To tone down its nagging interruptions, UAC in Windows 7 has been redesigned based on user feedback so that you aren’t prompted as often for permission when there are changes about to be made to your system. The newer, quieter UAC nicely balances keeping you safe without bugging you too much.

However, there may be times when you need to adjust UAC and quiet down its notifications even furhter…or perhaps turn them up! If so, you can easily access UAC’s settings in Windows 7 and use the slider provided to adjust the levels of the UAC prompts you receive. To access UAC’s configuration options, just type UAC in the Start Menu search bar (or go to Control Panel –> Action Center –> UAC). Here, you can adjust the slider by dragging it anywhere from “Always Notify” at one side of the scale to “Never Notify” at the other. After making the adjustments as you see fit, just click "OK." You don't even have to reboot for your changes to take place. 

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