Adobe Flash Now Works with IE8's InPrivate Mode

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Adobe just announced that their latest version of Flash supports InPrivate Browsing, according to a post on the IEBlog. This new update, version 10.1, now creates something called “Flash Cookies,” small files similar to browser cookies but created by Flash instead. With these Flash cookies, websites can store data on your machine. However, when you browse the web in IE8’s “InPrivate” mode, the anonymous browsing mode that leaves no record of your activity behind, those Flash cookies now get deleted along with all your other internet activity upon closing the IE8 window.

“Prior to Flash Player 10.1, Adobe’s player behaved the same whether the browser was in private browsing or not,” explains Jimson Xu on Adobe’s blog. “Browsers could clear browser data temporarily stored during a private browsing session, such as cookies and history, but they were unaware of the data stored in Flash Player local storage.” The updated version of Flash essentially solves the issue of having this sort of data retained on your PC. For the technical details about this new feature, check out Xu’s post here.

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