All You Do is Tweet: SendTweet for Windows

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Over on Lifehacker, there’s a post about using a software application called Rainmeter to allow you to Twitter right from your Windows desktop. The crazy thing about Rainmeter is that it’s not a Twitter app at all – it’s a skinnable, customizable tool for PC performance monitoring. The Rainmeter app is designed to show you the CPU load, memory, network traffic, uptime, free disk space, and other performance-related data about your computer which can be displayed in various configurations including things like histograms, bar charts, or plain text.

So how did Rainmeter become a Twitter app? Deviantart user jsmorley developed a special SendTweet config script and skin for the application. To use the reconfigured app, you unzip these files into your Rainmeter skins folder (get Rainmeter here) then launch the SendTweet program from the Rainmeter system tray icon.

Once running, a text box in the shape of a conversation bubble appears on your desktop accompanied by a little blue bird. And a recent update to SendTweet lets you hold down the CTRL button to drag the input box around the screen so it can be positioned exactly where you want it. To update your Twitter status, you just type in the box. It couldn’t be simpler.



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