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Looks like I’m not the only one to have spotted Windows’ appearance in one of my favorite TV shows. In the season finale of Fringe, the sci-fi show which features parallel universes that are similar, but slightly different, the OS appeared in the “alternate reality” several times. One shot shows what looks like a normal Windows 7 installation, but another shows a version that has a “slightly different” Explorer function. A third shot shows a version of Windows that you access by pressing your hand into what appears to be a touch-sensitive table. (Images are here).

This isn’t the only show to feature Windows product placements, it seems. I’ve noticed the logo popping up here and there in what used to be the very Apple-centric TV land. I always found it funny to see Apple PCs in scenes where you know Windows would exist in real life - like in corporations, hospitals, police stations, etc., for example.

Product placement is a touchy subject though. Because we’ve been conditioned over the years to expect to see the Apple logo on users’ computers, when you see a Windows logo, you notice it even more. Make it too obvious, and it can detract from the action.

However, I think the Fringe placement was handled well. Not too obvious, but definitely caught some tech geeks’ eyes.

Still, my all-time favorite product placement/mention has to be this quip from Sheldon on CBS’s "The Big Bang Theory": “Windows 7 is much more user-friendly than Vista.” Pause, continues typing. “I don’t like that.”


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