An Awesome Bing API Experiment: Real Live Search

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Long Zheng, the blogger at the popular site, just revealed his new experimental search engine created using the Bing API. The API, along with JSON and JQuery, was used to create a prototype search engine that “does away with a search button and page loads,” he says. Instead, search queries on the engine, cleverly dubbed “The Real Live Search,” are sent character-by-character to return nearly instant results based on what’s been typed in so far.  The results page displays traditional search results in the main column with images, videos, and related items displayed on the left.

OK, so Real Live Search may not be your default engine anytime soon, but it’s definitely a fun experiment to try.


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The Discussion

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    I like the instant results.  It has me curious, will the results for each character entered be reflected in search marketshare data/statistics.

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    That was simply amazing, I would like to see this implemented into the page.

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