An Easier Way to Grab Bing's Background Wallpaper

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The other day, I shared a somewhat convoluted way to grab the Bing background images and set them as your desktop wallpaper. It involved going into the “view source” code and finding a particular URL. It was possible, just not super easy. Well, thanks to a comment from Anheledir, I learned of his nifty little program that snags the images for you, all of which he’s saving and sharing on his SkyDrive for our convenience.

By using his image grabber service, he’s saving the daily images for both Bing DE (Germany) and Bing US (United States) in two separate galleries. The images still aren’t the correct size to be ideal for desktop wallpaper (which is why we need an “official” version of this program that links to full-sized pics), but they are a lot easier to access this way.

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