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Wondering how you could have possibly filled up that 200 GB drive already? You may want to check out Xinorbis, a hard drive analyzer application. Xinorbis analyzes the files on your drive and sorts them into categories like music, movies, programs, graphics, and system files. It makes it easy to see the contents, structure, and file distribution across a hard drive, a single directory, or a mapped network drive. You can configure Xinorbis to show files by quantity or by file size. If you have a large drive, scanning can take a while, but the latest release on December 8th, has improved the scan speed. Scan results can be displayed as either a simple text file, a bar graph, a pie chart, or you can even export the data to HTML, ASCII, or XML. With shell support, you can scan a directory right through explorer, a handy feature to narrow your search and save time. Although some may prefer the more visual results displayed in the WinDirStat program, a few features, like the ability to sort and categorize files, gives Xinorbis an edge when it comes to detailed data produced. 

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