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The just-launched Cellfish service offers a way for mobile phone users to backup the content saved to their mobile phones for free. If you've ever lost your phone or replaced it with a new one, you've probably also lost some of the mobile content that was saved on your device. Now your favorite pictures, videos, music, wallpapers, and more can be stored safely and securely online. With this new service, you receive unlimited storage at a online digital "locker" which can be accessed from any PC or mobile phone with an internet connection.

In addition to storing your content online, you can also share this content with your friends. Sharing content is easy: you simply click on the content stored at Cellfish and then click on the "Share" button underneath the content image. You then type in your friend's phone number, email address, or Cellfish username and your friend receives a message with the link to the content. If he or she is also a registered user, they will be able to send the content to their digital locker and access it on their cellphone. The Cellfish website also offers a large selection of music, wallpapers, ringtones and videos available for download from the site. Some of the items are free and some can be purchased for an additional fee. The Cellfish website is certainly useful for anyone who uses a modern-day mobile device's many features beyond its ability to simply make and receive calls.


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