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As promised earlier this month, the Bing mobile website was going to get a new interface sometime this fall. As it turns out, “this fall” apparently meant right now. According to a post on the Bing Search blog, a new mobile interface has now gone live. The new UI looks different than the preview we were shown earlier – across the top are search verticals for directions, map, weather, and movies and not web, news, local, and maps as seen before. That actually makes more sense because the mobile site lets you set your location by clicking a link below the search box. That means everything you access will automatically be “local” - you don’t need a separate “local” vertical search link taking up space at the top.

However, I’m wondering why the app doesn’t feature Bing’s background image as the previous screenshot showed - perhaps it took too much bandwidth? Also missing is the icon in the search box that seemed to hint at a voice search feature – another clue that makes me wonder if perhaps the interface we’re seeing now is some intermediate step between the old UI and the final, finished product we were shown earlier.

That’s not to say that the new mobile Bing site doesn’t have some great features – it’s now optimized for touch devices, for one. And the new “movies” feature lets you quickly find local theaters and browse current movie listings by flipping through movie poster thumbnails...even using your finger if on a touch device!

The blog post also highlights a couple of handy Bing features like the ability to check on flight status or look up an NFL player – but these aren’t necessarily new – you can do those things from the main page at, too. It's just that they've now been ported over to work on the mobile site. 

The updated version of Bing currently works on the iPhone, Zune HD, T-Mobile G1, Verizon Imagio, or Samsung Omnia. Future devices will be added in the next couple of months.

You can try the new mobile site now at

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