Bing Gets a New Toolbar

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Along with the numerous announcements about the new Bing features revealed this week, the team also launched an updated web browser toolbar called the “Bing Bar.” Designed to replace the older MSN toolbar, this browser add-on built with Silverlight technology works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

As with the MSN toolbar, the new Bing Bar features a web search box, except now it’s powered by Bing Search Assist instead of This feature provides search suggestions and image suggestions as you type in text. It can also tap into your search history to suggest previous queries you had entered before.


Another very cool feature is the toolbar’s ability to send you breaking news alerts, tailored to your preferences. Using the “Browse Plus” feature, as it’s called, you can configure the toolbar to watch for certain topics – like stock alerts, for example.

The “no-fail cash detector” helps you save money when shopping online by doing comparative searches for the product you’re viewing to see if another merchant has a better price or if you could get a deal via Bing Cashback.

Other buttons provide one-click access to news, video, stocks, and your Hotmail inbox. You can action here or download the new toolbar for free from here.


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The Discussion

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    This toolbar is definitely an improvement.  However, I find it very annoying they display the Bing Search box when I already have my browser set to default to Bing.  It needs to be smarter.

    Also, it does not adequately supply the preview capabilities available in Windows Live Toolbar.  It was interesting to see upon installing Bing Toolbar a reference to "Bing Toolbar Platform".  Hopefully, Microsoft is planning to consolidate Windows Live toolbar into Bing Toolbar. 

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