Bing Tracks the Most Popular Olympics Sports

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Thanks to Bing’s popular “Instant Answer” feature, web searchers can quickly find out Olympic-related info like who won what event, what time figure skating is on, when a particular athlete is competing and more. Now it appears that the Bing Team has been tracking these Olympic search trends to come up with a measurement of what the most popular winter sports are and not surprisingly, snowboarding is #1. Not just because it’s fun to watch, I’d guess, but also because the U.S. has been crazy for the snowboarder champ Shaun White.

The next most popular search is hockey, followed by “skeleton” (maybe because people don’t know what that is? I didn’t – had to look it up on Bing myself), then figure skating, curling, luge, bobsled, speed skating, cross country skiing, biathlon, freestyle skiing, alpine skiing, ski jump, and then nordic combined. Of course these stats are influenced by what events are on when and which ones have come and gone. When all’s said and done and the Olympics are over, it would be interesting to revisit this data to see what ended up being the most popular throughout the course of the Winter Games.

But if perusing data isn’t really your thing, you can goof off instead. Take the Winter Games Quiz on Bing's Facebook page and you can test your knowledge of the games while also exploring some of Bing’s features.


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