Bing Usage on the Rise

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According to multiple research firms including comScore, Nielsen, and Experian Hitwise, usage of the new Microsoft search engine Bing is still steadily on the rise. Although the firms differ a bit as to what the exact market share for Bing is, it’s clear that they’re all seeing continued increases.

Currently, comScore qSearch is reporting that Microsoft sites picked up 0.4 percentage points in August 2009 at the expense of Google and AOL which translated to a 7% gain in searches. Nielsen Online agreed with comScore on some points, but put Bing’s search share a little higher than comScore’s 9.3% – they showed Bing at 10.7%. That represents an increase from 8.8% in June and 9% in July. The third firm to weigh in, Experian Hitwise, pegged Bing at 9.6% in the four weeks measured from August 9th through September 5th.

While clearly measuring search share isn’t an exact science, the overall growth trends look good for the new engine, which is decidedly being helped along thanks to the media campaign whose clever commercials feature “victims of search overload.”

James Colborn, director at Microsoft Advertising, also recently told MediaPost that, in addition to query share increases, the company was also seeing a nearly 40% increase in click-through rates on ads, another positive sign of growth.

If you haven’t already, try switching your browser’s default engine to Bing. Here’s how to do it in IE and here are steps for other browsers.

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    Mario Albertico Magana

    Hope we see more of this same good news in upcoming months. It's well-deserved.

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