Bing's Wallpaper Search Feature

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Amit Agarwal recently posted a handy tip to his blog about one of Bing’s perhaps lesser-known features: wallpaper search. When you search for a keyword or phrase using Bing’s image search portal, the options on the left side of the page let you further narrow down your choices by image size: small, medium and large, for example. But beneath those options is another: “Wallpaper.”

Click this and Bing will automatically (automagically?) filter the search results to display just those that exactly match your computer screen’s resolution. You can then find an image you like and set it as your desktop background. Nice!

Agarwal also says this will work on mobile too, but you’ll have to switch over to the desktop website for Bing in order to use the feature. For more detailed instructions, check out his post here. Or to just try it out now, go to and filter by “size.”

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