Blaze: An Innovative Application Launcher

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Blaze is a new application launcher which aims to speed up and automate recurrent tasks on your Windows PC. Application launchers are programs designed to help speed up everyday tasks which include, yes, launching applications, but which can also do things like open files, send emails, play mp3s, go to a particular website, and more. These sorts of application launchers are different than application docks where a number of icons are pinned for easy access. Instead, these keyboard-based launchers sit unobtrusively on your desktop or in your system tray, quietly waiting for the appropriate keyboard combination before they take action.

Last year, Microsoft Office Labs introduced Speed Launch, an app launcher that worked via drag-and-drop. Another old favorite is Launchy (see: “Skip the Start Menu”), a keyboard launcher for XP. But for Windows 7 users, there wasn’t much to choose from.

With Blaze, though, application launcher fans have a new utility to try out. The app, which works on both 32 and 64-bit systems, not only lets you quickly launch programs by typing it also monitors your activity to help you automate repetitive tasks. For example, imagine you are renaming the 100 some photos from your vacation from “DSC18033” (or some other odd name your camera assigned) to “Vacation Photo 1,” “Vacation Photo 2,” and so on. Blaze would be able to identify what you’re doing and then complete the task for you. I’ve wanted an easy app to do things like that for years!


The app also isn’t sensitive to typos so if you were trying to launch Excel but typed Excl instead, it would still know what you meant. Smart! It can also perform quick calculations, perform web searches, create on-the-fly emails, perform commands, locate files and folders, and more.

Blaze is available as a free download from Sourceforge. You can learn more about Blaze here.

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