Blockbuster And Microsoft Collaborate On Mobile Video Service

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Blockbuster announced today that they are teaming up with Microsoft on a set of new mobile services that will let customers watch movies on any device with an internet connection. Some of those services will be powered by Live Mesh, a platform that allows for synchronization of data between devices.

Because Live Mesh is open to anyone wanting to use its technology for sharing data, any 3rd party developer can take advantage of the opportunities provided to build their own apps, which is precisely what Blockbuster intends to do.

Blockbuster will use Live Mesh as the basis for their new service, a service where they imagine their users pausing movies on one TV and picking them up at the same place on another, for example.

"Eventually, we'll give customers instant access to any movie on any device with an Internet connection and a screen," Blockbuster CIO Keith Morrow told The Dallas Morning News. "More immediately, we could use this technology to reach into airports. Travelers could quickly download movies from Blockbuster kiosks to their portable media players."  

Today, the platform has primarily been used for syncing files and folders between PCs and mobile phones, but the Live Mesh team always promised that file sync was just the tip of the iceberg. Now we can see just how true that is.

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