Blog About Your Xbox 360…or Better Yet, Let Your Xbox Blog for You

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360voice is an online community for Xbox 360 fans and gamers. It lets you create a blog that highlights your gaming history, activity, and achievements. But it’s no ordinary blog! Instead of having you type out the information you want displayed, 360voice takes the data from your Xbox Live gamercard and transforms it from a snapshot of your gaming experience into a blog format from – get this! – the perspective of your Xbox. Seriously! It's your Xbox is the one doing the blogging – or at least it appears that way.

I have no idea how they do this, but the Xbox comes across as having a real personality. The blog format is conversational, with your Xbox raving about your excellent game-playing skills. Or lightly ragging on you when it's deserved. The entire thing is automated, too. You don’t have to do a thing.

Here’s what a sample blog post looks like, excerpted from Fshguys’s blog:

Fshguy is awesome! Just plain radical even... I say that because we played some games. Did you know our gamerscore is 123,031? He made some progress on Viva Piñata, and wished it would never end, but it did and that was sad.

Oh, remember the challenge that Fshguy was competing in? Well, it's over. Fshguy didn't manage to get the win... but I guess number 62 is better than number LAST!!... wait... maybe we are last? How many people are in this thing? Can I count? You know, sometimes someone else just has better cheat codes than you do -- I mean, that's the only explanation for a loss in this challenge!!!

What’s even funnier is when the Xbox gets on your case about giving up:

…He opened up Left 4 Dead, KUF: Circle of Doom picking up 1 achievement, and then the lightweight went to bed. Freakin' wuss.

That's just plain hilarious!!

If you want to set up your own Xbox blog, you can do so by signing up here:

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