Boost Productivity With Two Finger Scrolling on Your Windows Laptop

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There’s a great guide over at How to Geek this week on enabling two-finger scrolling on your laptop’s trackpad. What’s two finger scrolling, you ask? Well, rather than clicking and dragging the scrollbar on the page, you simply slide two-fingers down your trackpad, and the page scrolls – neat! Whilst many trackpads are capable of the feature, not all laptops ship with the feature enabled. If you're reading this on a laptop, try it now. If it doesn't work, all is not lost...

If your laptop uses a Synaptics trackpad (to check, just type mouse into the Start Menu search box to open up the Properties dialog, then hit up the Hardware tab), then there’s a couple of ways you can enable two finger scrolling.

The first method involves downloading new drivers from the Synaptics website, whilst the second utilises a freeware app called, unsurprisingly, Two Finger Scroll. Install the app, set it to active and you’re good to go. Browsing websites just got a whole lot quicker!

Once you get the hang of two finger scrolling, you won’t look back – great tip, How to Geek!




The Discussion

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    Jochem Kempe

    Or, just buy a laptop with a trackpoint! So your mouse won't move all over the place while you try to type.

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    Jeroen Ritmeijer

    I can recommend "Two Finger Scroll" and especially like the ability to open the context menu using a two finger tap. I never use my trackpad's buttons any more.

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