Bring Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspot

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A new product called iBox2Go is a portable wi-fi hotspot that fits in a briefcase. Perfect for travelers who may need to share internet access anytime, anywhere, the iBox2Go is a great "internet in a box" product. The iBox2Go unit connects to the internet using a Sprint Mobile Broadband USB card with speeds up to 3.1 Mb. The connection can be shared by 10 people via the included Wi-Fi router. If it's just you, you can remove the wireless card from the iBox2Go unit and use it directly in your laptop instead. There are 3 versions of the iBox2Go: iB300 ($200) which has a 40-ft range, iB100 ($250) which has a 50-ft range, and iB500 ($350) which has a 200-ft range. You can also rent one from their website. (Via ComputerWorld)

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