Check the Weather in Virtual Earth?

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A recent blog post on Chris Pendleton’s site alerted me to a Virtual Earth feature that I wasn’t aware of – a 3D weather setting. According to the post, you can turn on 3D weather by clicking the 3D button on your favorite Virtual Earth website…like Live Search Maps, for example. Once you get down to a particular zoom level, you’ll see the clouds appear – well, assuming there are any that day. So maybe this isn’t not exactly something you’d do to check the forecast on a daily basis, but it is a pretty nifty feature.

The Discussion

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    Wow, you didn't know that? That's been out for almost a year already. It's nifty, but VE 3D can really take a lot of memory when using it.

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    Aleksei Vassiljev

    Will we see how houses fly apart in case of tornado forecast?

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