Choose Bing to Help Schools

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In a new partnership with charitable organization, Bing will give you a $3 donation code just for switching your default search provider to Bing. As many have suggested, web search is more a function of habit these days than a conscious thought about picking this engine or that one. By creating an incentive to make Bing the default, the team hopes that using Bing will simply become your new habit.

And you can’t argue that the incentive isn’t a good one – although $3 may not be a lot on its own, as more and more people click to donate, the numbers add up fast. The money is used to help fund a classroom project of your choice, whether that’s new school supplies for individual students or something for a class as a whole. Some projects already being funded include ones to help students acquire musical instruments, graphing calculators, literacy and reference materials, and even a field trip to the seaside.

All you have to do to get involved is go here and then click the orange button reading “Choose Bing and Donate.”



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