Circle Dock Is No Ordinary App Launcher

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I’m sure you’ve seen docks before – the launch bars that let you start up applications with one click. For Windows users, one of the most popular docks is Rocket Dock (I use this one myself). Another favorite is Object Dock. However, I had never seen anything quite like Circle Dock before. Instead of a simple bar that attaches to a side of your computer screen, Circle Dock will launch (via a hotkey) wherever your mouse sits on the screen. The apps it contains can display either as concentric circles or as a spiral. There’s a lot you can do with Circle Dock too – you can rotate it, skin it, and add apps, files, folders, and shortcuts to the dock by drag and drop. Circle Dock may not be for you, but it’s definitely a unique take on the UI experience. Circle Dock is free download and works on 64-bit. It’s available here.

If you want to get really crazy, you can download the newly-released alpha version of Circle Dock. In this version, Circle Dock 0.9.2, the middle button can now open up the Windows start menu. You can also group your icons into dock folders and open them up in groups and click on the middle button to navigate back out of the folder. (The picture is of the alpha version).


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