Calvin Klein Brings the Catwalk to Consumer Electronics

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Say what you like about the image quality and immersive experience delivered by 3D TV & Movies, but it’s near impossible to look good whilst wearing 3D glasses. Whilst the engineers at the major consumer electronics companies continue to toil away improving the tech, I wonder who’s improving the aesthetics?

If you’ve been feeling sartorially challenged when getting your 3D on, then a more fashionable option may not be too far away.  Last week, Hot Hardware featured new eyeware from Calvin Klein, who have teamed up with Marchon3D to bring fresh style to 3D specs. According to the PR, these are not mere 3D glasses, but are 3D-enabled sunglasses infusing technology with “sleek, fashion-forward design.” So there.

The specs are certified to protect against UVA, UVB and UVC rays (although you’d actually need to be an astronaut to run the risk of natural UVC damage, as it gets filtered by the atmosphere before it lands here on planet Earth) and has photochromic lens technology, so you can wear them indoors or out.

If you want to enjoy your next 3D experience without being stopped by the fashion police, then these may well be for you. Or maybe not.



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