Cloud Entertainment Comes to Windows Phone, Courtesy of Spotify

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Sometimes, it can be depressing to look through your music collection. Sure, you’ve built up a decent library of your favourites, but there’s so much music out there, you can never hope to listen to it all. Or indeed, afford to buy it all. 

But what if I told you that you could boost your available repertoire to not just hundreds of tracks, or thousands of tracks, but millions of tracks available on your Windows phone? From today, it’s possible, as Microsoft and Spotify have teamed up to launch a new music app for Widows Phone 6, and the forthcoming Windows Phone 7.

Spotify Premium subscribers will have instant access to the Swedish company’s massive library of tracks, all available to stream from the cloud via Wi-Fi, 2.5G or 3G connections. If you’ve previously built up Spotify playlists on PC, they’ll be waiting for you on your phone. Tracks can be skipped, with rewind, fast forward and shuffle controls available.

Spotify runs in the background, so you’ll be able to send texts, make calls and browse the web whilst enjoying your favourites and there’s a cool offline mode, which will allow you to download playlist tracks from the cloud to your device for those times when you know you won’t have a network connection. Sync features are also impressive – you can wirelessly sync your local files to your phone and any tracks you add to a playlist on one device will appear instantly both on your phone and PC.

Spotify for Windows Phone 6 is available now from the Windows Marketplace for mobile. Stay tuned for more on the Windows Phone 7 app.



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