Color Code Channels in Windows 7 Media Center

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Sean Alexander recently posted a good tip for Windows 7 Media Center users which is something that some of you may have overlooked: turning on color-coded program categories in the on-screen guide. With this option, you can easily see at a glance which channels are Sports, which are News, which are Movies, etc., just like what you would see in the guide on your home television. To turn this option on, go into Settings>TV>Guide Page Options, and click the first checkbox option which is "Apply colored backgrounds to shows, based on their category".

After turning this option on, your channels will be identified with the following colors:

  • Green   - Sports
  • Purple  - Movies
  • Light Blue  - Kids & Family
  • Orange - Special
  • Yellow  - News

While you’re in the settings there, you can also set channels to display by name instead of number – an especially useful option for identifying which channels are which if you can’t remember them by number.

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