Commands in Demand Provides Easy Access to Geeky Tools

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In between the total computer newbie and the total computer geek, there’s that person who knows just enough to get by (or to be dangerous, in many cases). I’m sure you all know someone like them. They may not have the first idea how to go about releasing and renewing their IP address, but they do know, thanks to their many tech support calls in the past, that it’s something they should try when they lose connectivity. I’ve recently discovered a handy tool just for this type of computer users thanks to the Life Rocks blog.

The tool is called Commands in Demand and it provides access to over 70 different Windows commands from its easy-to-use interface. You’ll find commonly used commands like the one for restarting Windows Explorer, terminating non-responsive programs, hiding or showing desktop icons, clearing the clipboard, displaying CPU info, and a whole lot more.

Commands in Demand is a free download and works on XP and Vista. However, with compatibly mode enabled, it should work on Windows 7 too.

The Discussion

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    Chen Ye

    mse finds a virus in the executable

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    Eddie Starr

    I will give this a try, after I check it for bugs....

    SERIOUS QUESTION: Why are SPAMMERS allowed to SPAM on posts?? Does not this forum have the capability to AXE such things?

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