Cool Cord Trap Design

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When I saw this on .net DEvHammer's blog, I thought: genius! This grommet is designed for keeping cables in place as they are fed up through a hole in your desk. One of the hardest things for me in the I.T. world from which I came was threading cords up through a hole in a desk. Of course, some cords can be dropped down, but others, with large AC adapters and the like could only go one way: UP. With my short arms, I often couldn't hold the cord in place with one hand while grasping the end with the other, leading me to become a master cord balancer by necessity. But if these grommets had existed...sigh...Unfortunately, as I continued reading, it appears that these grommets don't actually exist yet - this is a design concept only. What?! Please, someone, hear my plea: make these things already!

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