Count Words In Windows Live Writer

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I just read Marcus’s blog post about a newly discovered feature in Windows Live Writer: built-in word counts. He notes that he’s not entirely sure if this is a new feature or if had been there all along. I believe this is a new feature because I used to run a Word Count plugin that did this in my older version of Windows Live Writer, and why would there be a plugin for a built in feature? Nevertheless, I’m thrilled to have discovered this now too. The word count feature can be turned on in the settings of Live Writer. Just go to Tools –> Options –> click “Editing” and then check the Word Count box. Click “OK.” You’ll then see a real-time word count appear in the status bar.


This is definitely a handy feature for professionals who are paid by word count or have to submit articles of a certain length. It also makes me wonder what other new features are hidden in those Options – looks like I have some exploring to do!

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