Create Dynamic Display Pictures In Messenger

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From Windows Live Chronicles, I just learned another great trick for use in the latest version of Windows Live Messenger, v9.0 beta. In this newest version of Live Messenger you have the option to create your own, dynamic  display picture by using your webcam. To do so, go into Tools –> Change Display Picture. You’ll see a new option (a button) that reads “Webcam Snapshot.” Select this button and you can record a quick snapshot of you in motion. Make a funny expression, hold up a sign, whatever, then click “Save” when you’re finished recording. The new video snapshot will then become available to choose from among all the other static images already available in Messenger. Set the new video as your display picture and from then on, your friends will see that when they’re IM’ing you in Messenger. To view a quick demo of this in action, check out this video on Soapbox.

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