Create a Colour Revolution With Chromatic Cables

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What is it about beige, grey and black that make them such popular colours in tech? From PCs, to phones and networking equipment, they make for the dreariest of colour palettes, and let’s face it, work’s hard enough as it is without having to perform our regulated hours in a sea of drabness.

If you’re itching for a colour revolution, you could make a start with your Ethernet cables. Sure we’ve all seen the odd yellow cable, perhaps dark blue but these cables from Gigastraps come in a rainbow of colours that are definitely more Crate and Barrel than Best Buy or Fry's. With groovy names like Tsunami, Genesis, Frost, Cosmos and Vixen plus standard and UV reactive colours, the cables will brighten up your home and office in no time.

It’s not just about looks either. These Cat 6 cables have a solid copper wire core with gold plated contacts, and the riot of colour on the outside helps protect against kinking, heat and abrasion. With lengths available from 1 ft through to 25 ft, your only problem is working out whether you’re a Tsunami kind of guy, you’re feeling Frosty, or if Orc is more your style. Great fun.


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